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Excellent 4.78 | 4,627+ trusted reviews

MAX© Decompression Therapy Belt with FREE Decompression Pillow

MAX© Decompression Therapy Belt with FREE Decompression Pillow

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Sciatica Sciatica
Lower back pain Bulging Disc
Chronic back pain Scoliosis
Pelvic pain Pelvic pain
Hip pain Hip pain
SI Joint dysfunction SI Joint dysfunction

Belt Size

Our belt fits waist sizes ranging from 29 inches (75 cm) to 55 inches (140 cm). If it doesn't fit you, you can easily return it with our 60-day money-back guarantee

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    Fast pain relief reported by 94% users

    Instant spine aligment and decompression

    Takes the load off your lower back

    Doctor Developed & Scientifically-Proven


    Daily 30 min Decompression Sessions to Treat the Root of Back Pain

    This belt gently elongates the spine, significantly reducing pressure on spinal discs and providing effective relief.

    Beyond pain relief, it promotes healthier spinal alignment, aiding in both the prevention and alleviation of posture-related back pain.

    This makes daily activities easier and less painful for those with back issues.

      Neurogena Image

      Unlimited Decompression Therapy Sessions

      The Neurogena Belt helps with back pain, whether from sitting too long, being overweight, or doing hard activities. Don't worry if it looks hard to use; we've put easy instructions in the box for you.

      Image Sciatica
      Image Bulging disc
      Image Chronic back pain
      Image Pelvic pain
      Image Hip pain
      Image SI Joint dysfunction

      A 30-minute decompression therapy session, recommended by doctors


      Patients who experienced back pain, sciatica, and SI joint dysfunction reported experiencing pain relief instantly.


      2 weeks of wearing the belt for 30 minutes daily reduced their sciatica by 90%


      Their back pain was reduced by 90% after 2 weeks of consistent use.

      * Results according a consumer test with 276 participants.

      Why Neurogena MAX©?

      Instant spine aligment and decompression

      Doctor Developed & Scientifically-Proven

      No registered side effects reported

      Instant pain relief reported by 94% users



      How can I ensure the belt will fit me?

      Our belt fits waist sizes ranging from 29 inches (75 cm) to 55 inches (140 cm). If it doesn't fit you, you can easily return it with our 60-day money-back guarantee


      Should I wear it belt while standing or lying down?

      You can use it in both positions; however, according to our customers, the best results are achieved with 30-minute sessions while lying down on a bed or any other flat surface.


      Where is the item shipped from? What are the shipping costs?

      We offer FREE shipping to both the USA and Canada. For shipments to Europe, there is an additional charge of $25 USD

      Your order will be shipped from a warehouse in the USA. However, if there is no stock left in our USA warehouse, we will dispatch it from another warehouse in Canada, Europe, or Asia, depending on which location is closest to your address.


      Is there a recommended time limit for wearing the belt?

      With each purchase, we include an instruction manual. Please follow the guidelines to adjust the belt to a comfortable position. Once you've determined the optimal pressure, we recommend wearing the belt for at least 30 minutes daily. Many of our customers achieve the best results by wearing it for 30 minutes each day.


      Is it possible to wear the belt underneath my clothing?

      Yes, you can wear the Neurogena Decompression Belt underneath your clothing without it being noticeable.


      Can I return my order if I don't like it?

      Absolutely! We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. For returns, we will provide a USA warehouse address to ensure a smooth and convenient process for you.

      Read our refund policy here.


      Can I have a discount?

      Yes, we offer a discount for seniors and veterans. When placing an order, please use the code "VETERAN15" at checkout to receive a $15 discount.

      If you encounter any difficulties entering the code, please contact our support team via email at

      No results? Claim a complete refund anytime within 60 days

      We stand firmly behind the quality of the Neurogena Max Belt, so much so that we offer a 2 year warranty.If you're not completely satisfied, there's also a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

      • ★★★★★

        2 people found this helpful

        don't want to say this healed my bulging disc... But this healed my bulging disc!!! After years of physical therapy, decompression, stretching, changing diet and sleep positions... Nothing ever made any difference. Bulging disc pain (verified with MRI) was not terrible for me, but it just never stopped. Never. I started 15 min decompression sessions at home... And after the second or third week, I couldn't feel the disc bulge anymore... I was cautious and skeptical... But it never came back!!! I'm now two months pain free. I pray this works for you as it did for me. I am amazed and still in shock!

        Russel Rottach

      • ★★★★★

        1 people found this helpful

        I have about eight different contraptions that I've bought throughout the years to try to relieve my lower back pain and none of them have been worth a damn. If you have been in the same position as me and need relief then look no further. This thing actually helps. It doesn't completely solve every back problem that you're going to have but it definitely gives the relief that one needs to go to work or even get a good night's sleep. I believe that it also promotes healing over time. Wonderful product. I really can't overstate how happy I am with it. I use it literally everyday

        j We

      • ★★★★★

        5 people found this helpful

        It’s well built with quality materials, definitely doesn’t feel cheap. It is fairly simple to use: adjust the pads so that they are positioned on your sides, fastened the straps around your body and cinch them down. Then just turn the cranks to expand the pads. You will feel your hips being pushed downward giving you relief on your lower back. The pads do slip if they aren’t positioned correctly around your waist. Over the years I have acquired inversion tables, rollers, rings, gravity boots and all kinds of belts to relieve back pain and anyone that has suffered from it will know that sometimes you have to switch around between them. This will be another tool in my back pain arsenal.

        George Harper

      • ★★★★★

        18 people found this helpful

        I measure a 40"waist and my abdomen is about 44" and this worked fine for me. Well-made product, Easy to put on and take off. Almost immediate relief

        Derrick J.

      • ★★★★★

        28 people found this helpful

        I tried a few of the more expensive support belts and returned them as they just didn't offer the support or comfort needed. Gave this one a try and its exactly what I was looking for. Also they forgot to include the instructions, but when I called them, they sent them to me the same day.

        Velerie R.

      • ★★★★★

        0 people found this helpful

        I have spinal stenosis and when I stand for longer than 5-10 minutes , my feet fall asleep. This condition has deteriorated over the years from a MC accident in the 80’s. I have a fused back and rods from T-12 to L 2. I use this belt for 30 minutes in the am while I do my daily devotional. It's been a week now and I've already noticed that I can stand longer. I also have less pain while sitting.

        Jenna R.

      • ★★★★★

        0 people found this helpful

        I purchased this belt at its full price, and it's truly worth every penny. I highly recommend it

        Melissa D.

      • ★★★★★

        2 people found this helpful

        Fast delivery. The belt is worth the price and really helps to maintain proper posture, almost immediate relief

        Robert K


        Neurogena Max Decompression Therapy Belt

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